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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Regime change in Lebanon

A letter to

The Guardian (July 20 2006)

No one can seriously believe that the reason for Israel's destruction of Lebanon is the release of the two Israeli soldiers taken prisoner by Hizbullah. This is a convenient excuse for the achievement of much deeper political and military aims. Israeli policy has always been implemented through either manufacturing such pretexts by provocative acts or waiting for them to present themselves before launching its massive retaliation.

The leading Israeli peace activist, Uri Avnery, has argued this week that Israel's real aim is to affect regime change in Lebanon. Just as in its invasion of Lebanon in 1982, the real purpose is to install a puppet government sub-servient to Israel and the US.

As in 1982, according to Avnery, Israel's attack has been planned in coordination with Washington. This suggests a second reason for Israel's offensive: it is the opening salvo in a US/Israeli attack on Iran. For this to succeed, Hizbullah, which is supported by Tehran, must first be neutralised if it is not to spearhead a campaign in defence of Iran throughout the Arab world. Also, attacking Hizbullah provides a route leading, through escalation, to Tehran.

Third, Israel wants revenge for the defeat inflicted by Hizbullah in 2000 when it forced the most powerful army in the region to withdraw from southern Lebanon. The destruction of both Hizbullah and Hamas would, in turn, facilitate the fulfilment by Israel of its main long-term objective: the de-Arabisation of Palestine, completing the unfinished business of 1948 when two-thirds of the Palestinian people were ethnically cleansed.

How many more Arabs must die before the British government abandons its sickening complicity with Israeli war crimes?

Sabby Sagall


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Bill Totten


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