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Sunday, December 09, 2007

I Took My Car to the Corner Store to Get a Loaf of Bread

by Mike Nickerson

Culture Change (December 08 2008)

I took my car to the corner store,
to get a loaf of bread;
It turned out to be quite a trip,
when all was done and said.

First I took the doors along,
as they were first at hand;
A trip with each, my heart did pound,
the exercise was grand.

Next I took the hood and trunk,
they easily came undone;
The body posed a bigger task,
it could not be moved as one.

I'll not tell all, about the chore,
with torch and saw to render;
Suffice to say, when it was done,
I could carry every member.

But for the engine, I had to cheat,
its weight too much for me;
I brought a wagon to the task,
man powered, though, you see.

With fenders, gears and manifolds,
bumpers, clutch and brakes;
My heart and lungs were racing now,
a little rest I'd take.

Oh how I love my motor car,
its chrome and paint do shine;
The neighbours stare as we go by,
I'm so glad that it is mine.

The tires I choose to roll along,
a wonder is the wheel;
After axles, tranny and padded seats,
I was ready for my meal.

Alone, one man, but for his car,
the corner store's so handy;
I got the bread that I came for,
some cheese and also candy.

The joys of transport are so grand,
the world is there to roam;
I took my car to the corner store,
now I have to take it home.


One by one, people are realizing that human activity cannot grow forever on a finite planet. When enough people understand this, the conventional wisdom will shift, from

"Our purpose is to expand production and consumption"


"Our purpose is to enjoy living while managing the planet for generations to come".

We aim to increase the rate at which this realization takes place.


For more information and insight from Mike Nickerson and his book Life, Money & Illusion: Living on Earth as if We Want to Stay (Seven Generations Press, 2006), visit

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