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Thursday, September 11, 2008

An Inside Job

Who brought down the cooling towers in South Yorkshire?

by George Monbiot (August 29 2008)

Warning: When I first posted this up, on August 25th, I received so many complaints from people who took it seriously that I decided to take it down again. In re-posting it, I feel obliged to point out that this is a spoof, satirising the style and substance of the 9/11 truth movement. The event it refers to, however, is a real one.


by Lew Knee, published on, 25th August 2008

According to the MSM, these Twin Towers were "demolished in a controlled explosion":

Lol! Only the CIA-paid shills would believe a story like that. The question you have to ask is Qui Bono? And Chris custodiet?

What the MSM doesn't tell you is that ALL the Jews were evacuatted from these cooling towers hours before they were brort down. When the towers collapsed, not a SINGLE Jew was inside them! And the security services warned people to stay away BEFORE they were "demolished".

take another look at the footage of the "collapse". Do you see any evidence of "controled demolition"? No. At least 23 witneses, all of who have misteriously disappeared since the attacks saw a plane hit the colling towers just before they came down!!! And NO debris from any plain or missile or even from a holographic image of a VIRTUAL MISILE has been found at the sight!!!! Proving that ALL the debris was cleared away by the goverment as soon as the towers came down, which was why they didn't let anyone near it.

If you check out frames 1335-1337 of the film of the "demolition", you can see a BLUR close to the base of Tower 1, just minutes before it came down. You can clearly see that this is the plane/missile/hologram/alien text message dispached by the NWO to destroy these towers!!!!

And how did Tower 2 come down when it wasn't even HIT by a plain???

This was obviously an INSIDE JOB! The demolition of these towers was planned WEEKS, if not MONTHS ago!!!! Why else was no one killed in the "explosion"? And why has no one else come foreword to expose it? Because they were all killed????

We need a new truth movement to out the insiders who did this crime on beharf of the NWO and the MSM hacks and shills who will make ab homimen attacks and hit jobs on the people trying to find the answers. We must not stop until we have found the truth and exposed the greatest conspiracy EVER perpettrated on British soil!!!!!!!!

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Bill Totten


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