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Monday, July 06, 2009

Japan caught dumping US Treasury Bonds

(Turner Radio Network) -- Two Japanese men arrested by Italian Police while trying to smuggle $134 Billion in U.S. Treasury Bonds concealed in suitcases, out of Italy into Switzerland, are employees of the Finance Ministry of Japan.

Turner Radio Network has now confirmed the two men arrested by Italy were trying to secretly dump Bonds that were previously held by the nation of Japan. The men arrested have told Italian police they were ordered to move the Bonds by the government of Japan because the Japanese government has lost faith in the ability of the U.S. government to repay its debts.

Despite assurances from Japanese Finance Minister Kaoru Yosano about Japan's "absolutely unshakableā€¯ confidence in the credibility of the U.S. dollar, it is now confirmed based upon the serial numbers of the Bonds, that the $134 Billion is part of the $686 billion of U.S. debt officially held by Japan.

According to Italian Law Enforcement, authorities originally thought the men were part of the "Yakuza", a Japanese organized crime syndicate similar to the Italian Mafia, which lead officials to believe the Bonds were forgeries But after the men who were arrested were forced to remain in jail for more than a few days, they discarded their cover story and admitted to being employees of the Finance Ministry of Japan.

Strangely, very few major media outlets have covered this story. Of the few media outlets that have covered it, one - Bloomberg Business News - reported the bonds were "fakes." But according to Italian authorities, that is a cover story developed by the U.S. government to avoid panic selling of U.S. Treasuries by other nations.

Law enforcement sources in Rome claim the Italian government is ecstatic over the seizure because under Italian law, they get to keep forty percent (40%) of the smuggled bonds. The governments of both the US and Japan are trying to negotiate with Italy for return of the Bonds but because of the astonishing amount of money involved, Italy is refusing any negotiation at all.

TRN has been told to expect to receive serial numbers from the bonds as proof they are real. In addition, our source claims he can obtain scanned images of some of those bonds as well. If we are given such information or images, we will report them publicly.

UPDATE June 19, 2009 2115 HRS ET -- The Japanese men taken into custody by Italy have been released and they were allowed to take their "fake" Bonds with them! Authorities now say they do not know where the men went. Those same authorities have told the Financial Times of London that the Bonds were "most likely fakes." (Financial Times Story Here:

Updated Commentary: This is the single biggest farce we've heard about in a long time. Does anyone actually believe that anyone would be transiting a national border with $134 Billion in "fake" Bonds concealed in a suitcase with a fake bottom?

Does anyone actually believe Italian Authorities would ignore their own laws and release persons who violated Italian financial disclosure laws?

Does anyone really believe that a bank or other entity would simply accept a US Treasury "Intergovernmental" Bond with a face value of either $500 Million or $1 Billion without ever calling the US Treasury to determine if the bonds were valid?

The absurd explanation provided by the U.S. Government that the bonds were "fakes" would be laughable if it wasn't so pathetic.

Clearly the government of Japan got caught red handed trying to dump U.S. Treasury Bonds because they no longer trust that the USA can pay its debts. When the issue blew up in their faces, everyone from Japan to Italy to the USA had to get together and lie about what was happening with the hope that other nations wouldn't start dumping U.S. Treasuries too.

That is precisely what happened. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or stupid. . . . . or thinks we're stupid enough to believe them!

We have now entered the official "end game" for the United States Government. They are broke. Bankrupt. They have no hope of ever repaying their debts. Countries around the world know this and are starting to dump U.S. debt and U.S. currency because it will all become worthless very soon.

There's no stopping it. There's no avoiding it. There's no way to patch things up to make this go away.

The United States of America has been bankrupted by its own government. That government bears sole responsibility for the economic collapse that is coming. When the collapse happens, the American people - the most heavily armed population on Earth - will probably take up arms and overthrow the government by force. In our view, forcible overthrow is a fate the U.S. Government richly deserves.

It would be very wise for those of you who still can, to consult with qualified financial people about how to get your assets out of the USA and your money OUT of U.S. dollars before you are all wiped out too. Time is running out. Japan is already trying to dump their U.S. holdings. You should too before everyone does at the same time.

UPDATE - JUNE 20 1435 HRS ET -- The Turner Radio Network has obtained photos and video from the Guardia di Finanza (Italian Financial Police) showing the actual $134 Billion in U.S. Bonds, with coupons attached, which were caught being smuggled from Italy into Switzerland.

The bonds were intercepted in Chiasso, Italy at the border of Switzerland. The Bonds were owned by the country of Japan since the early 1980's when printed bonds were still issued by the U.S. Treasury. Today, all such Bonds are done electronically.

The paper bonds below were being smuggled into Switzerland by employees of the Japan Finance Ministry so they could be sold, at discount, under the anonymity of Swiss financial laws. If no one knew Japan was dumping US Treasury bonds, it would not cause a panic worldwide as other nations dumped their US Treasuries too. Japan was rudely surprised when the two employees of the Japan Finance Ministry were grabbed at the Italian border.

Japan sent the $134 Billion in bonds to Switzerland because Japan has lost faith in the ability of the U.S. government to repay its debts and Japan wanted to sell the bonds at a discount off face value with the hope of recouping at least some of the money before the U.S.collapses economically.

Those of you around the world who are holding U.S. Treasury notes would do well to consult with a qualified financial planner to see how quickly you can dump any U.S. Treasury Bonds and any U.S. Dollars you may be holding before the U.S. suffers the economic collapse which is now unavoidable.

If you are left holding Bonds or Dollars, you will likely be financially wiped out when the US Government repudiates its debt because it simply cannot pay anymore.

In the photo below, the piles of Bonds which appear to have a cash-like top have a face value of five hundred million dollars each ($500,000,000) and the smaller Bonds at the bottom right of the table are "Kennedy Bonds" with a face value of one billion dollars each ($1,000,000,000)

The total face value of the bonds shown on the table below is one hundred thirty four billion dollars!

U.S. Treasury Bonds grabbed by Italian Police at Swiss Border

Bill Totten


  • Fantastic! Dumping U S Treasury Bond is the first clear world commnication about U S fiscal theivery and it is from Asia. Millions hold the Treasury Bonds in massive contempt. The need, overwhelming, to get rid of them is quite a statement!

    By Blogger suzannedk, at 2:34 AM, July 07, 2009  

  • Why wouldn't the Japanese government just send the employees on a chartered flight to Switzerland?

    Seems like the should have been able to come up with some kind of government business cover story to make that happen.

    By Blogger dalas v., at 5:52 AM, July 07, 2009  

  • I wonder why major medias (in Japan & out of Japan) never featur this into their news. This is one of the important message to world economy. I do wish Japan and Japanese people will wake up from US's mind control to the country last since after WW2.

    By Anonymous HH, at 12:28 PM, July 07, 2009  

  • Jeeez, what a load of BS ! That must be the most pathetic piece of crap I've ever read.
    If major medias don't speak about it, it's because this story is a non-event !!
    Please, would you cut this anti-american nonsense and the joe-six-pack conspiracy theories !
    US is doing just fine.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:51 PM, July 31, 2009  

  • What you fail to mention in your stories is that the two Japanese men that were caught were travelling on an Italian workers train. In other words they basicly stand out like two swore thumbs.

    Don't you think that the Japanese government could have come up with a better way to get their people into Switzerland?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:34 AM, September 10, 2009  

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    By Anonymous, at 3:16 AM, October 07, 2011  

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