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Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Meditation on Our Monetary System

State of Permanent Siege {1}

by Richard Cook

Dandelion Salad (April 22 2009)

The level of public ignorance on the topic of the US and world monetary system is astonishing. This is part of the plan, of course, because the monetary elite control not only the financial system but also the news media, the publishing industry, and the educational system. The blueprint for control was put together over a century ago by Cecil Rhodes and his friends, including British financier Nathan Rothschild, as documented by Professor Carroll Quigley.

During the 20th Century the power shifted to the US, with the Rockefellers playing the dominant role as they continue to do today. It is no accident that JP Morgan Chase - the Rockefeller family bank - dominates the US derivatives market; nor that Exxon-Mobil, the Rockefellers' oil company, is the most profitable corporation in history.

The basic plan was to place all of mankind in a state of permanent mental and emotional siege so that in the end we would trade all our liberties to the controllers in return for protection; even freedom of thought would be traded for physical safety. That plan is well advanced. The sheeple have been prepared for the final shearing.

Meanwhile, every attempt at real reform has been strangled in the cradle. Past voices for monetary sanity like those of Congressmen Louis McFadden and Jerry Voorhis were silenced. Starting in the 1970s, functionaries like Kissinger, Brzezinski, and Volcker carried out David Rockefeller's plan to outsource manufacturing to China and eliminate the US as the world's greatest industrial democracy, replacing it with a financier oligarchy.

During the 2008 election campaign, Ron Paul called for the end of the Federal Reserve, the bastion of financier control, but no one effectively organized the millions of people who responded to his call or had a viable plan to put in place.

Barack Obama obviously works mainly for the financiers, as did Bill Clinton before him. The job of the Democrats is to keep the sheeple quiet by now and then implementing some "reforms"; the Republicans were a more blatant gang of looters.

With the financial crash of 2008-2009, the noose is tightening everywhere in the world. The International Monetary Fund is announcing, "The current global recession is likely to be 'unusually long and severe, and the recovery sluggish.'" (BBC News, "IMF Sees Long and Severe Slowdown", April 16 2009.) In reality, as the IMF knows, it would be possible to put every nation in the world on the road to recovery by allowing them to prime the economic pump through sovereign control of their own monetary systems, with freedom to utilize their own natural resources.

The IMF announcement is in fact the start of a worldwide program of genocide similar to what was done to Russia in the 1990s, with crushing poverty, slashing of incomes, reduction of benefits for the poor and elderly, rising levels of disease and malnutrition, and reduction of life expectancy. We in the West will view the carnage with alarm from our own stripped-down economies but remain docile out of fear the same will be done to us.

Awareness of the hideous evil of the financiers' plans to destroy the soul of humanity is growing. This is being accomplished through the internet and the work of a number of writers who understand what is at stake. I doubt this channel of expression will be available indefinitely. Already alternative websites are being isolated and marginalized. But the fight must be waged.

The one organization that has a program which is comprehensive and free from outside influence is the American Monetary Institute, which has drafted the American Monetary Act. If the Act is introduced in Congress, it will be imperative for it to be recognized and supported as the one chance to save our nation from the dark night that is threatening. But even progressive writers shrink from taking on the Monetary Power, with many of them putting forth the absurdity that all we need to do is reform the banking system.

The American Monetary Act has been in process since 2003. It may be found on the AMI website at:

AMI will conduct a presentation on the Act on Capitol Hill, April 23 2009, in Room 304 of the Cannon House Office Building. Presentations will take place at 10:00 AM and at 2:00 PM.

At the same time, groups of relatively conscious people can come together on their own to create refuges of sanity until the danger passes over - a period of years, decades, or even generations. And, to look at it from a spiritual perspective, we can hope that the Higher Powers who observe humanity's destiny refuse to allow our particular experiment in consciousness to be obliterated.

Destruction of human consciousness is the real goal of the financiers and their minions. It is lies above all that do this. The financiers' power is the biggest lie of all.

Note {1} The phrase "permanent siege" is from Thomas Pynchon's novel Against the Day (2006). Set at the end of the 19th Century, the novel describes the dynamics and strategy of the future totalitarian regimes of the approaching 20th century - that is, a state of "permanent siege."

Richard C Cook is a retired federal analyst who writes today on economic, political, and spiritual matters. His books and videos are available through his website at . He recently released his six-part video series: Credit as a Public Utility: the Solution to the Economic Crisis.

(c) 2009 by Richard C Cook

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Bill Totten


  • Nice piece. I'll look at AMI but I really wish you would look at Larouche who has impacted Obama's attempt to slash healthcare spending with another "reform" euphemism as this current president's attempt at genocide! Larouche is "out of the box" as of August 09... look at google news-- all sort of publications are using his name again-- this is big

    Larouche's solution for the financial crash is quite clear- but I'll let you go from there and I'll look at AMI.

    By Blogger Rick Potvin, at 10:13 PM, August 27, 2009  

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