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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Obama Wins Gorbachev's Peace Prize

by Dmitry Orlov

Club Orlov (October 09 2009)

I've said it here before: Obama is the new Gorbachev, the smiling face behind the crumbling imperial fa├žade, the personable, non-threatening loser. Gorbachev got his Nobel Consolation Prize in October 1990; a little less than a year later the USSR was no more and he was unemployed.

In awarding him the Peace Prize, the Nobel committee actually did some good: by reaffirming his legitimacy as a leader, it helped to weaken the hand of the conservative forces within Russia, which later staged an unsuccessful coup in an effort to reclaim control of the dissolving empire.

Gorbachev certainly deserves credit for making sure that the USSR disintegrated with a whimper and not a bang. May Barak Obama be just as successful in completing the dissolution of the USA, quietly and without any undue bloodshed. Moving forward, I wish him a long and happy unemployment.


Gorbachev wins Nobel peace prize
by Jonathan Steele in Moscow (October 16 1990)

"President Gorbachev yesterday won the world's biggest consolation prize. He took the Nobel peace award for losing the Cold War, becoming the first communist leader to win the trophy worth GBP 360,000 after dismantling the system his party spent seventy years creating.

"The Nobel prize committee in Oslo did not quite put it that way. It cited Mr Gorbachev for 'his leading role in the peace process' which today characterises parts of the world ...

"In Moscow, hit by shortages of basic foods and consumer goods, the mood was more reserved. When the president of the Supreme Soviet, Anatoly Lukyanov, announced the news to MPs, they applauded for barely five seconds. Gennady Gerasimov, the foreign ministry spokesman, said: 'We must remember, this certainly was not the prize for economics' ..."

... Nor is it the prize for economics this time around! If anything, the financial hole the USSR left behind was a whole lot smaller.

Now, some people think that Obama isn't doing a good job. He isn't. That's because it's not a good job. It's not even a bad job. It's a downright terrible job. But somebody's got to do it, and that somebody just won a Nobel prize, so he must be doing something right.

Bill Totten


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