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Thursday, November 05, 2009

How to rebuild the global financial system

And save the planet

by Benjamin Fulford (undated)

With a brand new financial system built from scratch, it would be possible to end world poverty and stop environmental destruction within a month. The reason is simple, we have been blinded from reality by a hypnotic pyramid scheme known as the world financial system. The financial system is nothing more than the process of deciding what humanity will do in the future. In other words, it is fundamentally nothing more than mass psychology. Thus, if humanity changed their collective psychology about how to run the planet, it could decide, within a few days, to care for the poor and stop destroying nature. It is simply a matter of making the collective decision to do so. That is all.

Before offering one example of how a new system could function, let us look at what exists now. For a long time certain privately owned central banks, most notoriously the Federal Reserve Board and the Bank of England, have been turning this planet into a hellish slave pyramid. At the bottom are poor innocent creatures being burned to death by starving third world farmers moving on from depleted soil to find fresh farm land to feed their hungry children. The innocent creatures have no value because the global financial system considers them worth zero unless they are turned into "products". Thus the poor of the world pass what little income they are able to glean from the destroyed rain-forest up to the next step of the pyramid. That would be small time merchants who peddle mostly goods made in faraway lands for a teeny profit. And so the up the pyramid we go, past bribed leaders who sell their countries natural resources for a pittance and ignore environmental protection rules in exchange for huge bribes. If they try to stand up for their people and ask for a fair price, the Western peoples are fooled with a fake story into supporting a "war" against an "evil dictator".

Further up the pyramid we find the brainwashed populations of the Western world who support endless wars because they have been fooled into thinking it is for "human rights" and to spread "democracy". They mostly live lives of meaningless hedonism enabled by the tribute payments they have been receiving from the poorest countries. Both their education systems and their media have been subverted so long ago that they rarely wake up to the fact they have been brainwashed all their lives. If they do, they are "taken care of".

Next up we find the pigs of the system. These are the ultra-rich who know the true masters are the hyper-rich who make their money by printing paper. Although many of them actually make real things and thus contribute to humanity, they go along with this con-job because they are both bribed and scared of being killed by hired goons.

Now let us look at how the fiat money system controlled by the hyper-rich works. What they do is create money out of nothing, usually as digits in a computer. They then "lend" this money to the people who have to pay it back with "interest". The end result is an upwards flow of tribute to an elite few at the top in exchange for nothing. Up the pyramid goes real stuff, down the pyramid goes paper worth "nothing".

On a smaller scale this sort of thing is known as a pyramid scheme. On a global scale it is still a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes end when they run out of new people ready to join the bottom of the pyramid. The global pyramid scheme is ending because we are running out of nature to destroy and people to oppress. The situation is so dire that ninety percent of the world's savings are going to feed a hungry Anglo-American Israeli military machine that is being used to suppress the people of the planet. As they say, you can't squeeze blood from a rock so, the situation now has come to the point where the pyramid is collapsing.

What we need to do now is to rebuild the global financial system from scratch. One approach would be to stop the digital printing presses and give people in bankrupt America/England and Israel et cetera enough cash for a month or so to tide them over until the new system was built. We would then need to do an inventory of the planet earth. It would assign value to everything on the planet, forests, oceans, people et cetera. Any money in the old system that could be connected to real things like land and factories, would remain in the hands of its previous owners. Any money that was made from "nothing" would be reassigned to the forests, oceans and poor peoples of the world.

The next step would be to gather all the wisest people to come up with the details of a better way of navigating into the future. This would involve creating a harmonious balance between nature, markets and people. The end result should be that humanity as a whole creates more life and wealth than it destroys. In other words never again must humanity become an engine of destruction. Humanity can then go out into the universe creating new gardens of Eden everywhere.

Bill Totten


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