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Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Copenhagen Dictionary

by Herve Kempf

Le Monde (December 19 2009)

Activists: the word sounds better than "militants".

Africa: is unsure of itself.

American way of life: outmoded, disgusting or decadent?

Banks: are doing very well, thank you.

Bike Bloc: funny, nonviolent, fine, insurrectionary. Long live the Cyclution!

Camel: "passes more easily through the eye of a needle than does a rich man enter Heaven", according to Jesus Christ as reported by Hugo Chavez, reader of books.

Capitalism: designated by some as the cause of climate change.

Carbon Market: has lead in its wings.

China: hurtling down a course with no outlet. To brake before the catastrophe.

Christmas: Merry Christmas to all, from the bottom of my heart.

Climate Change: aspect of the global environmental crisis.

Climate Justice: unites environmentalists, those who seek to create another world, and the autonomous.

Collapse: obvious way out for an individual or civilization caught in a prolonged double bind (cf "Double bind").

Consumption: addiction.

COP 15: 15th conference of the parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Frenetic.

Danish Police Laws: a step towards soft dictatorship. Or: degeneration of the democratic spirit.

Denmark: comfortable.

Double Bind: or contradictory directives. Example: simultaneously wanting to obtain economic growth and decreases in greenhouse gas emissions (cf "Collapse").

Economic Recession: best way to prevent climate change in the absence of combined environmental and social policy.

Environmental Footprint: questionable measurement method, but far less questionable than GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

Europe: like Barroso; right leaning, flabby, in tow to the United States

Future: better it should be taken over by citizens rather than by leaders selected by the oligarchy.

Hope: naturally!

Kyoto Protocol: valid until 2012. Valetudinarian?

Little Birds: the environment is also the little birds.

Pachamama: Mother Earth: An Evo Morales idea. To be studied.

Sustainable Development: an ever-more-deflated spare tire.

Third World: replaced by the couplet "Emerging countries - poor countries".

Unions: when are you going to wake up??

United States: see "American way of life" and "capitalism".

Voluntary Simplicity: it's like riding a bicycle; it can be learned. Not easy in the beginning.

Youth: is interested in policy, what do you think? Has trouble freeing itself from twenty years of advertising and televisual indoctrination. Should succeed.


Translation by Truthout French Language Editor Leslie Thatcher.

Bill Totten


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