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Sunday, October 03, 2010

A Briefing on Money Reform

Prosperity (March 2004)

by Ron Morrison

I'm often asked to condense Monetary Reform into an A4 sheet or a quick sound bite. Here's my effort ...

Society has taken fifty years to mutate from what it can achieve to what it can afford to achieve.

This is the debt virus killing our Public Services, and the catalyst for Third World Poverty, War and Terrorism.

It's not about Economics - it's about Money - and the urgent need to move half of it out of the banks' debt and interest purse and back into the State's debt and interest-free one.

It won't effect the total money supply or your personal or business finances, but it will transform public investment in fixed assets and infrastructure, and that will benefit everyone.

Consider for a moment:

* All money sources from the State, either as the national currency or as chequebook credit under the Banking Acts.

* In 1948 the ratio was half and half. The State printed our pound notes and spent them into circulation as supplementary to tax income - debt and interest free. Bank credit, however, always carries interest and must be repaid.

* The United States was the last country to discontinue the gold standard. All money is now fiat money - it has no intrinsic value or reserves, and represents value only by decree of the State.

In the 1980s deregulation enabled banks to issue unlimited credit. In the UK today credit is now 97% of our money supply - yes, only three pence in every pound is now spent into circulation debt and interest free, by the State.

Now go back to our dilapidated public services which we cannot 'afford' to maintain, let alone improve.

If half our money was still spent into circulation today, then in 2000/01 the entire programme of new build Public Services and infrastructure for that year - called "Fixed Capital expenditure" - would have been financed debt and interest-free.

In other words - they could be afforded - and no Private Finance Initiative (PFI) nonsense.

Jubilee - debt forgiveness - costs the money-lenders nothing except their endless tribute of compound interest.

We have debt enforcement on behalf of money-lenders by sole courtesy of the economic, political and military power of our democracies - yes that's the folk we've voted in year after year.

Finally, worried about war and terrorism?

That's the price we pay for supporting unbridled money-lenders - they are the only winners.

Did you know:

* Shortly after World War Two when the UK was broke we could afford the best health service in the world and inflation was less than today.

* That the total money supply - our means of exchange - was equivalent to twenty per cent of GDP (our national production) in 1948, and that today it is equivalent to 98% of GDP. This is the result of burgeoning Financial Services, a form of monetary incest. There's a lot more money about relative to productivity than there was in the past because of money making money, rather than money making goods and services.

* Did you know that Financial Intermediaries - enterprises holding other people's money and lending it out again - now constitute 27% of our GDP? That's twice the total amount we spend on Health, Education and Social Services combined - and the entire construction industry is a mere five per cent!

This is the House of Cards assembled by money-spinners who make money out of money.

It governs our erstwhile democracies. It is the real inflation parasite eating away the lifeblood of societies world-wide - it exploits and threatens everyone on the planet.

We are on our way to putting this genie back in the bottle but everyone needs to know about this. Spread the word!

Bill Totten


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