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Friday, January 19, 2007

Why I Love the Sony Corporation

From WhatReallyHappened Website (January 05 2007)

Long time readers know I am not shy about bashing corporations that piss me off, such as PayPal and Best Buy. So, it follows that when a corporation does something RIGHT, I should be equally willing to point it out.

So here is the story. About two years ago I gave away my old SONY CD-rom digital camera and bought a new DSC-T1, which is smaller and easier to use. And I used it, A LOT. The camera was small enough where I kept it in my day case. I also got the marine case and did a lot of underwater photography and videography with the camera.

So anyway, about three weeks ago I turn on the camera and the display is all weirded out. I am upset, of course, but also surprised because this is the first piece of SONY gear I have ever had fail on me prior to my just deciding to upgrade. I am long out of warrenty, so I shrug my shoulders, and buy the newer model with image stabilization. The only bad news is that the new camera won't fit the old marine case, but otherwise the new camera works just fine.

Now, keep in mind I have not called SONY, I have not written them, FAXed them or anything like that. They don't know I have had a camera go bad. The DSC-T1 is sitting in a plastic bag ready to be donated to an artist friend who likes to tear apart electronics, glue the pieces together in weird ways, spray with glitter, and sell at local art galleries.

Then last week, out of a clear blue sky, I get an email from SONY. It seems they have become aware that the image sensor used in my particular camera is defective, and after a certain amount of time (accelerated by humidity), the sensor will fail. SONY is writing me to ASK if my camera is showing certain symptoms. I reply that it is, and less than 1/2 hour later I am sent a UPS label to ship the camera in to be repaired.

After the way I have been treated by American companies including those listed above, to say that I AM IMPRESSED by SONY is an understatement. SONY is a company that understands that brand loyalty is built on giving the customer just a little bit more than they think they are buying. Compared to how I was treated by Best Buy when a purchase from them failed after just 32 days, to have SONY make the first move to track me down to fix a camera that had failed out of warrenty was a stark reminder of just how much the American retail experience has deteriorated in recent years.

After this show of customer service, SONY will be my first choice for products from now on.

Just thought you all ought to know.

UPDATE: Five minutes ago the doorbell rang, and there was the UPS delivery man with a cardboard box. I have my SONY DSC T-1 camera back, and it works like brand new. No fuss, no argument, no debates. THIS is how you treat customers!

SONY is my idea of a great corporation (even without Q-RIO).

Bill Totten


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